NIPS Annual Subscription


$30.00 / year

BONUS: Women’s reproductive health in the United States is under attack. Thanks to our friends at Nutty Steph’s, if you purchase any book directly from us, and add a chocolate vulva for an additional $5, Nutty Steph’s will send a dollar to Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, and Whiskey Tit will match it with additional $2 per purchase. Good deeds, good literature, and good snacks.



At Whisk(e)y Tit, we romanticize novellas.  We love the excuse for a long reading session or two, and the satisfaction of finishing a dense, challenging read within those sessions.  We love the non-committal one-night-stand feeling of exploring genre and style that the length of a novella allows. And because we’re generous, we want to make sure that you, our consanguine lover of novellas, never run out of reading material.

Subscribe to Nips, our novella series, and for $30 a year, get four novellas straight off the press ready for you to nibble, suckle, or devour.  Here’s what’s coming:

  • April 2018:  The Ice Mine, by Steven M. Adkins
  • July 2018: The Skull Mask of the Alien Moon by Eric Bourland
  • October 2018:  (Announcement coming soon!)
  • January 2019:  ???