Stock Your Stuffing and Stuff Your Stockings: 20% off

Whiskey Tit is something of an oddball in the world of literature, because while we obviously want to sell a bunch of books and live comfortably enough to replace the elbow patches in our smoking jackets from time to time, our ethos is centered around making sure you get the books that keep you hungry, and that our writers make enough money to sip from the top shelf every so often.

And so. While we’re hesitant to jump on the Holiday Sale bandwagon, it’s true that if you order directly from us, our writers make a higher royalty percentage than they would if you order their books elsewhere. We love you, independent booksellers! And we begrudgingly need you too, giant monopolistic retailers! But if you order from us, using the code StopShopping at checkout, you’ll get 20% off, and these guys can buy treats for their holiday cheer.

So there you have it. Let’s get you some books:


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