Jon Frankel discusses GAHA and more in the Tompkins Weekly

Franklin Crawford talks to Jon Frankel and reviews GAHA: BABES OF THE ABYSS in the Tompkins Weekly.

“Frankel is a skilled writer with a passion for satire and dark comedy and sound. Following his narrative can be a little like watching a homemade disaster video shot with a handheld camera. But be patient, gentle reader. Frankel packs the book with enough surprises and succulent language to keep the pages turning.”

Read the rest (pdf only)

GAHA: Babes of the Abyss is available for purchase as a paperback or DRM-free epub directly from Whiskey Tit.  You can also purchase the paperback or Kindle version from Amazon.  If you need it in any other format, just ask.  We can transcribe it with our own blood onto a flowery textile, for enough hard cold coin.  Maybe.

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