Evan Lavender-Smith and Sly Stone: What we’re reading


Here’s what we’ll be reading in our copious free time this week(twenty minutes here and there between the thankless hours of 03:00 and 06:00, hours more commonly known as “wee”):

Short Story Idea (The Macaque): New Evan Lavender-Smith story in Bomb!  From Old Notebooks is one to covet.

Sly Stone: The Original Rhythm King: It doesn’t hurt that Sly Stone is made of sex.  Oliver Wang takes dive into the band’s machines.

A Microinterview with Nell Zink by Matthew Jakubowski for The Paris Review.  The Wallcreeper and Zink’s upcoming passel of books makes me think she’s due for a Roxane Gay year.

The Worst (And Most Important) Smuggling Job in the History of Literature:  On getting Ulysses into NYC.  Lucas Adams writes for Mental Floss.

And for the ears, here’s Dorothea Lasky on the Other People podcast.

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